Monday, January 31, 2011

Easily The Worst Day of My Life.

i got a call this morning while i was still asleep, from Hunter's pediatrician's office.. they wanted Hunter to be seen at 4:15pm.. i got a call not even 30 minutes later from the office again, asking can i come in earlier at 2:45pm.. well, thats when I started to get a little worried.. i knew it was for a follow up about the ER visit, and thought everything was okay ped just wanted to go over him make sure hes fine.. but then the 2nd call got me scared, because the first call, i asked.. is 4:15 the only time.. she said yes. so i knew it was serious.

we get there, go over his results.. and she tells me his hskjhkjshfdkjshdfkhs was really high (the words are so long and forgetable i duno what it is).. normal for his age is about 300 or less.. Hunters was 1500. 3 times more than it should be. basically what the test was on was showing something to do with lung,liver, calcium, and something else deficiency.. Hunters levels for the calcium and whatever else.. were normal. so that left the lung and liver. we drew more blood, and were asked to stay.. 5 o'clock comes, and we get the results.. this time she had other things tested as well, one being genetics, one of 2 very important tests. his number still came up the same.. around 1500.

basically right now, we are looking at Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency which is inherited from a biological gene.. like i said this isnt 100% confirmed, we didnt get the results back on the two most important tests, one being the genetics.. but his ped thinks this is what is the mystery to the high count. If it is NOT this, it IS something else. that something else i just dont remember what she said.. like i said, big words.. and at that time, the only words i heard was lung/liver disease, liver transplant, monthly shots, and "shorter life expectancy"..

im trying to stay positive at this point.. but to know its one thing or another.. neither being good.. one that is defined to give shorter life expectancy.. im just in pieces.. hopefully i will know within the next couple of days the final result.. all i can do right now, is hope and pray that my baby is okay.. i never in my life, thought that i would have to question one of my children's health.. let alone be told my child could possibly live a shorter life than what he deserves




  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you all Natasha *hugs*

  2. horrible news. :( t&p's

    -Amanda & family