The Bunch

I have three men in my life, the greatest men there is!!

My Husband, Duc - He is the bread winner here ( but don't let that fool you, I still wear the pants! LOL ) He is a table-games dealer for casinos.. as he will be starting college in California in April-ish, to do Auto Collision Repair!

Hunter - Hunter is my rambunctious, crazy, whacky, out of control, LOUD, Toddler. He is Mama's Big Baby, and he knows it, and definitely uses it to his advantages. He draws you in with his Big Baby Blues and your heart just melts, but don't let that face fool you!

Vander - Van at the moment, is the spitting image of his father, he sleeps a lot - eats - and sleeps some more. He is my Chunky Little Monkey and an all around happy good baby (when he is awake lol!) I look further to him growing and his personality really begin to shine!

and then, there is me.

    I took a couple of college courses in arts, and also took photography classes. At that time, I really had no intentions on doing photography, but art has always been my passion.. while I loved photography never did I think I would actually do it! I wanted to go to school to be a graphic designer, which I ended up doing, minus the school! I was offered a job and I right away took it! With that, I learned many things I would learn in Photography Arts.
    Photography then just kind of grew on me, and once having my first child, all I did was take photos! But I got so obsessed with taking photos and doing photo shoots of him, I realized "Man, I don't have many photographs of my baby just being, my baby." So I swore with my future children, I wouldn't do that again, that I would make sure I had special moment photographs as well!
    I got really inspired to do this Project 365 and it's a great project to get me motivated to take at least one photograph every day, of my children or husband, just being them.
In a couple of years from now, I will be able to look back at these photographs and remember the special moments I had with my family.