Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scary Day

Today we woke up to a scary scene.. Hunter woke up before us, got out of his room (he has a gate on his doorway because we have stairs, but lately climbs out to hang with us).. he has a pill in his mouth, and two in his had.. Husband realizes it's his multi-vitamins.

We I begin to panic.. took him straight to the ER not bringing the bottle with, it was the last thing on my mind. Had x-rays, no particles in his stomach. They drew blood, this was the FIRST time Hunter EVER had a needle in him, we dont vaccinate. He was watching at first with no problem, until she poked him, then he started to freak but wasnt as bad as I had expected. The girl who did it.. for some STUPID reason, went in from the side.. then she of COURSE (because she went in from the side).. misses his vein that was clear as DAY bc the veins are so little.. so shes going in and about in the needle hole, trying to find the vein.. so Hunter is freaking out even more.. I'm getting insanely ticked off because this moron doesn't know how to properly do her freaking job, and left him with this swelled bruise, which isn't SO swelled now.. there is a little knot but not noticable in the photo.
but, his blood work came back clear, his iron was actually low. So he is okay! these were husbands multi-vitamins, and WHY they were in arm's reach I don't know.. we just have to learn from it, and be thankful Hunter is okay.



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