Sunday, January 23, 2011

So Long, So.. So.. Long.

So Husband and I were checking out our map to plan..

It's going to take us AT LEAST 9 days to get from MI to CA.. we can only drive 5-6 hours a day because of the kids, well.. mainly because of the baby.. Hunter is able to go 10+ hours but he doesnt eat as much as my little Heifer does LOL!

Then, we plan to stop in Texas and Arizona.. and Nevada as well.. to stay 1 full day. Minneapolis is during our route.. we went through there last year and stopped at Mall of America.. but we will skip staying an extra day as I really don't want to shop.. (oddly lol)..

In Texas we will be meeting up with our friend Caitlin who has a son from Hunter's Playroom who we met last year, and just so happens a friend in Van's Playroom lives in the same area.. so we will be meeting up with her as well, and hopefully another friend who lives a couple hours away.

In Arizona, is my family.. so I would like to stay 1 full day with them to visit..
& Nevada is another friend from Van's Playroom and hopefully meeting up with ANOTHER friend fromhis playroom who happens to be visiting Vegas the same time we should be there

here is our frightening looking road trip



  1. Wow, right now you actually aren't far from me, just got straight up and there i could have come to visit me lol! You need to take a detour and go through Canada!

  2. what? LOL your waaayyyy over to the left.. above Washinton.. the state in the top left corner

  3. We are along your way in Kansas City... Well we about 30 minutes out from there but still... :D

  4. Michelle and Robert from JMFebruary 8, 2011 at 5:54 PM

    You should let me and Robert join y'all for a playdate when your in Texas!! It would be sooo amazing to meet the most awesome siggy maker ever!!!!

  5. if your willing to drive up from Austin into Dallas.. then im all for it LOL