Sunday, January 2, 2011


I woke up this morning to an Ow, followed by crying, then looking for help.
I jumped out of bed so quick, open our bedroom door that was not fully shut, see Hunter standing in our living room crying and holding his lip..
My first thought was, why are you out of your room (he has a gate on his doorway because we have stairs, but recently he just climbs up and over as he pleases, but he has always stayed in in the morning until someone got him)
second thought was, what was he doing/did to get hurt.
third was to check it out, I see a scratch and thought no biggie, checked under his lip to make sure his teeth were okay.. no bleeding anywhere..
got him breakfast.
About 5 minutes later I see he has a fat lip. But not your orindary fat lip.. it's right under his nose where the scratch it, it's all swelled and knott like.

poor little fella! it's larger than it looks, but he wouldn't stop puckering his lips lol.



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