Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dun.. Dun.. Duh-Dun

Okay, so.. we have been married, almost two years now. and just now getting our wedding rings.
why, you may ask, are we just now getting wedding rings after almost been married for 2 years.
Well, let me tell you why!

i now, understand why they say marriage first, then home, then kids. because once you have a child, even just ONE child, you can not afford anything else! I'm very grateful that my mother in law, gave us a gift card to a jeweler (that's a word right??) for christmas to get wedding rings!


okay so, they aren't the most match-iest. but husband wanted a band that was a little more masculine, and frankly, if they had a brides version to his, i would have totally snagged it!! im so jealous of his!! but, i looove mine!! I am not a jewelry person, at ALL... I wanted something very thin, that i would forget was even there after a few days, and i found it!.. I am in love with the rings!


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  1. Those are gorgeous! I felt the same way as you and now regret my choice lol. Tom and I both have just plain, smooth white gold bands, while he loves his as it's plain and the "right thickness" Mine is just way 'too plain' Love your choices!