Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today Was a Big Day

Today was the day that Hunter had an ultrasound, an x-ray, an injection for a CT scan, and then the CT scan last.. which means, my little guy had to be "put under".. of course they need people to be 100% still while doing these types of scans, and being my little guy can not sit still, they had to sedate him.. it was the WORST feeling in the world to walk away from my child and leaving him in the hands of complete strangers. I'm so glad that they gave him a gas mask that put him under temporary sleep.. so I was able to be there while he fell asleep.. and then I gave him a couple of kisses and had to walk away so they could give him an IV drip to give him the real anesthetic to be asleep.

I had already recieved the results of the ultrasound as well as the xray.. both came back clear!.. I got a call last minute before closing for the results on the CT Scan.. but I missed the call, I am assuming because the pedi's nurse was going to tell me over the phone the results, that those came back clear as well!!! the only thing we have left to hurdle over, is Cilliac Disease. If it is not this.. then it's a Vit D deficiency in which can be controlled with a simple vit D supplement.

here is a photo of Hunter being prepped.. the very nice nurse let him play with her stethoscope.. he really loves them. Then gave him this cute Moose who Hunter then was "listening" to Moose's fault. He loves that Moose, who is already named "Muscle Moose" for the brave little kiddos!



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  1. awww your such a good mother tash! who would have ever thought you and me would be mothers?